Vineyard Tour

Beautiful natural surroundings and a year-round perfect temperature in Mae Chan Valley create an impressive location suitable for both tourism and agriculture. The breathtaking view of vineyards, tea plantations, rice fields, and the serene lake shrouded in winter mist have led to wonderful sightseeing and numerous activities in the valley. Take a vineyard tour with us, you will enjoy spending your time discovering new amazing experiences such as seeing the process of planting and caring for high quality grapes, wine making, gem cutting, and many more. Once you are here we also offer Doi Hom Fha Resort, the winery boutique resort for your comfortable stay.

Here is your opportunity to view Chiang Rai, and experience the most unique and exciting moments of your life. Join us in an amazing journey to explore our vineyard & winery, tea plantation, gem cutting factory, rice field, organic garden, and nursery plants at “Mae Chan Valley”, Chiang Rai.

Valley Tour